7 Signs You’re A Die-Hard Fan

When you are a fan of something it shows. Understanding how does a seed grow can help you understand how you become a die-hard fan. It does not matter if it is a sports team, musician, or anything else you will go above and beyond to support your favorite. These are 7 signs that you are a diehard fan.

.1 Support for the Good and the Bad


When a musician or actor is popular they will build a large fan base. When a sports team is doing well many people will start to like them. In order for you to be a diehard fan or something, it is not just about the good times. There are going to be times when teams have a losing season. Bands put out bad songs and famous people often make the tabloids. Support your favorite through the hard times shows just how big of a fan that you are.


.2 You go the Distance


There is no distance that a diehard fan is not willing to travel to see their favorite in action. People drive for hours and hundreds of miles just to get a glimpse at attending an event that their favorite person or team is going to be at.


.3 Price Does Not Matter


Everything is expensive these days. Concert tickets, tickets to sporting events, and even movie tickets cost a lot of money. That does not matter to you. You will pay just about anything to see your favorite in person or at the movies.


.4 You Retweet and Report


When you favorite posts something on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter you immediately report it or retweet it. You do not care if you annoy your friends and family. You are the biggest fan and want others to know it.


.5 You Have Merchandise


Just about everyone famous has merchandise these days. Movies and sports teams have a number of items for sale. They also have plenty of memorabilia to purchase. Just about everyone that is famous has a clothing line, perfume line and their name attached to just about everything else. If you are a diehard fan you will buy the products even if you do not like them. Often there will be a space in your home for your merchandise collection.


.6 Watch Over and Over


It does not matter how many times you have watched the movie or listened to a record, if you are a diehard fan, you will keep playing it over and over again. You will watch sports shows when the team is not playing and will not mind if you have seen the same thing several hundred times.


.7 Use Their Names


If you are a diehard fan you will use the name of your favorite or if you have a team you will use the name of the top player for your children and pets. While this does lead to some odd name choices it shows just how much of a fan that you really are.


These are some things that diehard fans do to show their loyalty. If you do these things there than you are officially a diehard fan.